2047 The current planning area of ​​Indore is 505 square km, in the new plan it will be 880 square km, 79 new villages will be connected.

Master plans of Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur cities will be released simultaneously next month. However, these can be implemented only till next year. The period of Master Plow in Jabalpur and Indore has completed 3 years ago. The master plan has been awaited in Bhopal for the last 10 years. Jabalpur, Indore is elected till 2041 and Bhopal till 2047. Bhopal and Indore will have the third master plan while Jabalpur will have the fourth master plan. T&CP officers According to, the draft of Indore is almost ready. GIS survey work is going on in Bhopal. The draft of Jabalpur is also in the final stage. The current planning area of ​​Indore is 505 sq km whereas in the new plan it will become S80 sq km. That means the planning area of ​​Indore will increase by 75 percent. If we talk about the master plan of Indore, here too there was no plan from 1991 to 2008 i.e. for 17 years. And now the plan is being awaited from 2021 i.e. for the last three years. So far three plans have arrived in Jabalpur.

After the release, the process will take 7 months and will then go to the government.

After the release of the draft, claims and objections are invited for 30 days. Then these cases are heard for 3 months. After that, in the next three months, Director T&CP gives his report to the government. The government again calls claims and objections under Section 19 (2) of the T&CP Act, its period is not fixed.

Indore: Land use freeze of 79 villages, marking of map

More than 30 thousand hectares of land in the form of 79 villages has been included in the investment area of ​​the master plan. The marking work on the map previously received from the Remote Sensing Authority of India has already been completed. Cases under Section 16 have also been banned in 79 villages. The process of determining land use in these new villages has also been completed at Bhopal level. On the other hand, the administration has also finalized suggestions and proposals from various stakeholders of the master plan including Association of Industry, Ahilya Chamber of Commerce, Hotel Industry, Pithampur Industrial Organization, Saver Road Industrial Area.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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