Demand for small and big industries is continuously increasing, land has been allotted to eight big industries and compensation amount has also been distributed.

Pithampur Sector-7, which is being developed as a smart industrial township. In this, about 4 and a half thousand acres of land is included in both the phases. Now about one thousand acres of land is being added to it, because there is a continuous demand from small and big industries, while 8 big industries are also getting more than 600 acres of land. The allocation was made some time ago, which will also entail an investment of more than Rs 10 thousand crore.

On the other hand, 20 percent cash amount was also distributed as compensation to the farmers coming to this township in exchange for their private lands and the remaining 80 percent will be given developed plots. However, later it was also decided that instead of cash compensation, 100 percent land should be acquired on the basis of Land Pulling Act, in which instead of cash compensation, 50 percent land should be returned on the lines of the authority. Pithampur Sector-7 is being developed by Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation. First on two and a half thousand acres and then on about four and a half thousand acres by combining both the phases.

Smart Industrial Township is being developed, where more than one thousand crore rupees will be spent on roads, electricity and other development works. At present, the total area of ​​Sector-7 is 2187 hectares, which also includes about 390 hectares of Forest Department land, after reducing which an area of ​​1695 hectares i.e. about 4 and a half thousand acres of land will be available as net planning area. On the other hand, the demand for land from small and big industries is continuously increasing, due to which it is also being decided that one thousand more acres of land should be included in this township.


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