About 800 trees are becoming an obstacle in the progress of the Metro Rail project. A joint meeting of corporation officials and metro project officials was held on Tuesday for permission to transplant them. On Wednesday, teams from both the departments will jointly inspect the spot.

Metro work is going on from Gandhi Nagar to Robot Square. Metro trial has been conducted from Gandhi Nagar to TCS intersection, which was a distance of 6 km. Five stations have been built in this part. The commercial run of Metro will start this year, but many permissions are required to take the project forward, for which Municipal Commissioner and Additional Managing Director of Metro Rail Project Harshika Singh called a joint meeting of the Corporation and Metro officials. Permission for the power line was granted a few days ago.

But regarding permission to transplant trees, the Municipal Commissioner directed the officers to form a team and conduct a survey. Stations will be made green and sustainable. Apart from this, he also talked about the water system at the metro station, sewerage line and removal of electrical poles on the divider. Instructions were given to prepare plans for adequate water supply, sewerage system and disposal of sewerage at the stations.

Additional Managing Director asked to form teams and inspect

IDA’s Scheme 94 Ring Road, from Robot Square to Khajrana, Metro Corporation needs some land, permission is also required for this. Now the metro project will reach Palasia from Robot Square via Bengali Square, Kanadia Road. Drinking water and sewer lines may be affected due to excavation. The Additional Managing Director has asked to form teams for inspection so that an estimate of the damage caused by excavation can be prepared. Even before this, the corporation had already given Rs 9 crore to the corporation as compensation for the loss.

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