Good news for smooth traffic on Khajrana flyover. Lane will start by 25th May.

One lane of the six-lane flyover being built at Khajrana intersection will be operational by May 25. This will provide great relief to the traffic of about two lakh vehicles passing through here every day. At the same time, work is also going on at a fast pace on the Khajrana temple gate arm of the bridge. The steel girder is yet to be launched here. Launching of cement girders has started.

Starting in May, solid approaches (slopes) have started forming on both sides of the arm leading from Bengali to Robot intersection. Panel fitting has been done on both the approaches. The filling has also been done. The work of shaping the road with cement, concrete and asphalt is going on. The main carriageway is yet to be built on the steel girder inserted in the middle of the intersection. This work will be completed in a month and a quarter. After this, electricity work will also take a lot of time.

Currently, there is heavy traffic jam: There is heavy traffic jam every day from morning till night in the lane going from Bengali to Robot intersection. Even after one minute of green signal, the vehicles are not able to move completely. The condition of the intersection is also dilapidated.

Bhanwarkuan intersection flyover

650 meter bridge length, cost 49 crore rupees

The target is to build it in 18 months

To be completed by June 2024

All the 10 pillars of one lane and the pier cap have been installed on it. Now steel girders will be launched above them. Steel girders will be inserted in the middle to keep the intersection 150 feet wide. This work has been completed in the lane of Art and Commerce College. 5 out of 9 pillars have been ready in Holkar College lane. Steel girders weighing 80 tonnes are to be inserted.

Footi Kothi Crossing Flyover

610 meter bridge length

cost 49 crore rupees

The target is to build it in 18 months

To be completed by August 2024

A total of 17 pillars are ready. Of these, pier caps have been made on 10 pillars. Now the girders will be launched. A total of 28 girders are to be launched. Of these, 18 are ready. At this intersection too, the bridge is being built in such a way that there will be no pillar in the middle at the intersection to go to Footi Kothi from Ranjit Hanuman Temple. This will provide enough space for vehicles to pass.

Lavkush Chauraha Flyover

• Length will be 600 meters

cost 55 crore rupees

The target is to build it in 18 months

• To be completed by October 2024

The work of pillars and pica caps in both the lines of this bridge has been completed long ago. Solid approach work is going on here. The steel girders are yet to be launched. This bridge is being built on about 20 pillars. Now the entry line has to be shifted. After this the girder launching will take place. Its construction will provide relief to the traffic going towards Ujjain.


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