At present the width of the road is only 30 meters, due to which the construction of over is not possible, therefore, on the basis of the resolution of the Authority Board, the Directorate of Municipal Corporation has proposed to take investment.

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At present, the authority is not only constructing flyovers at four major intersections, it has also taken the decision to construct a total of 11 flyovers and got a feasibility survey done. Among these, a flyover with six lanes is also to be constructed at Mahunaka intersection. But the problem is that the road from Gangwal Bus Stand to Collector Office is only 30 meters i.e. 100 feet wide, on which construction of six lane flyover is not possible because slip roads are also necessary to be built on both sides. As a result, the authority board has passed a resolution and decided to widen this 30 meter road by 45 meters and for this, a proposal has been sent to the Directorate of Town and Country Investment, so that the width of this road can be revised in the master plan. The master plan of 2041 is under preparation, in which the width of this route can be increased.

While the authority conducted a feasibility survey for this six-lane flyover, in the last board meeting it was also decided to take administrative approval of Rs 81.30 crore as non-plan item. This amount will be spent on six lane flyover. In fact, the authority conducted feasibility survey for construction of flyovers at 11 places, which also includes Mhow Naka intersection. The construction of this flyover was also announced by the then Chief Minister during the Bhoomi Pujan of Bhanwarkua. But the technical problem here is that at present the said road is 30 meters wide.

It is only wide, which now needs to be increased to 45 meters, only then the slip road can be constructed on both sides along with the six-lane flyover. The length of this flyover is 578 meters, the length of the viaduct is 320 meters, the length of the approach is 258 meters, the width of the carriageway is 11 meters and footpaths will also be constructed with slip roads of seven and a half meters width on both sides. In the first level estimate prepared by the authority’s consultant, the cost of this work has been estimated at Rs 81 crore 30 lakh, on the basis of which the authority has approved the construction of this overbridge.

Administrative approval has also been taken from the board for the construction. In fact, there are instructions from the government that the authority can spend only up to 10 percent of its income on non-plan items. According to the Chief Accounting Officer, in the current financial year, out of the available amount, Rs 10.59 crore has been spent on non-plan items. Recently, in the meeting of the Authority Board called on March 6, it was decided to keep the width of the road from Gangwal Bus Stand to the Collector Office at 45 meters, and in the proposed Master Plan 2041, the width of this road should be kept the same and for this It was decided to send the case to the Directorate of Urban and Rural Investment, Bhopal. However, now publication of the draft of the master plan and other actions will be possible only after the Lok Sabha elections. Because the code of conduct will come into force with the announcement of elections next week. However, the authority says that administrative approval has been taken so that other processes including the tender can be completed. Currently the authority is constructing flyovers at four intersections, which will also be completed by the end of this year. This includes Khajrana, Lavkush, Bhanwarkua and Footi Kothi.

Flyovers are being built at a fast pace at the intersection. All these flyovers are of six lane width only, because the roads on which they are being constructed are also up to 200 feet wide.

The authority is spending an amount of Rs 53 crore on Khajrana flyover and the length of this flyover is 550 meters. Similarly, the length of the flyover under construction at Bhanwarkua intersection is 650 meters, so its cost is Rs 49 crore. Similarly, an amount of Rs 49 crore is being spent on Footi Kothi flyover and Rs 55 crore is being spent on Lavkush intersection.

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