The underground track of Metro will be built on MG Road in 8.9 km. The survey of the private property coming into this part has started. On Tuesday, a two-member team of the Asian Development Bank visited this route. Reached in front of TI Mall on MG Road at 11 a.m. I asked Metro Rail Corporation officials about the alignment. After this, what plans do you have for the displaced? If someone’s employment is affected, then what will be the alternative arrangement for him?


Compensation according to government guidelines


Corporation’s GM, Ajay Kumar, informed me about the new alignment and the proposed station. He said that seven stations will come on this route. They said that it is our endeavour that only government land should be used for them. No damage to anyone’s personal property The team inspected from TI Mall to Kalani Nagar. During the inspection, when paan and tea gumtis were seen, they said that if their business is affected, then we will have to provide other help to start earning. What plans do you have? On this, the officer said that we are getting the social impact assessment done. For this, the agency has started work. The full report is being prepared. If there is damage to anyone’s personal property, we will also give compensation as per government guidelines.


Road. Work slows down due to the rain.


The trial run is to be held in September on the 5.9-kilometre route of the Metro on the Super Corridor. On the other hand, the pace of work has slowed down due to the rain. In this part, work is going on from the Super Corridor to Bapat Chauraha, Vijay Nagar, Radisson, and Robot Chauraha. After this, work will be done from Kanadia to Palasia. The corporation has issued tenders for this. After this, the track from TI Mall will be underground, and from Kalani Nagar, the track will be elevated.


Currently, a team of 2800 people is working


At present, 2800 labourers are being made to work on the route, including the casting yard and the robot square. The team has been told that if water comes during the day, work should be done at night.


  • An elevated and underground track of 34.5 km is to be prepared in the first phase.


  • Work is in progress on the 17.5 km stretch; stay for now.


  • A trial run of 5.9 km will be in September 2023.

 Source – Dainik Bhaskar

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