Vision and expansion Indore was 14 square km in 1921, today it is spread over more than 570 square km.

This is the beauty of our new Indore

Indore, which was just 14 square kilometers in 1921, has today spread over more than 570 square kilometers. The environment here is pleasant. Brand Indore is famous not only in the country but also abroad. After the initial Holkar rulers, the cooperation and vision of the people, public representatives, institutions and organizations has been important in taking the city to this stage. Due to the example of public participation and awareness, this city is recognized all over the world as Happy-Helpful City. The work that has been done in the last 5 decades was not imagined by anyone after independence. Be it about infrastructure development or industrial investment, about prosperous markets or about health facilities, about the boom in the startup-IT sector or about better connectivity. Indore stands among the top 10 cities of the country.

we have become 40 lakhs

The first census was conducted in Indore city in 1820. Then we were 88 thousand 464. The city was limited to the area around Kanh and Saraswati rivers. This structure can still be seen today. Presently there are 40 lakhs, resources have also increased. Many organizations are moving ahead with social concerns.

25 Infrastructure development has changed the face of the city in 25 years

20 There are more than 100 big malls and multiplexes in the city now.

250 There are more than 100 big IT companies in Indore.

More than 1500 startups have been established

04 Indore is the only city in the state with IT park.

2013 Companies like TCS and Infosys came here.

Infrastructure: Metro along with bridge network

The country’s most successful BRTS, Super Corridor, more than a dozen new flyovers, expansion of Saver Road, Polo Ground and Pithampur Industrial Area, new industrial clusters in areas like Palda, more than 20 big malls in the city, new multiplexes have given the city the brand Indore. Has played an important role in making.

Public Transport: Our BRTS is the most successful

A lot of work has been done in the last 15 years regarding railways, airports and road transport. After I buses, now CNG is being used with electric buses. The climate is improving due to increasing use of EVs in public transport. The first city in the state from where there is an international flight.

IT-Startup: Highest growth in 10 years

Indore has become a brand at the international level after coming number one in cleanliness seven consecutive times. Although work on IT sector started in Indore about 20 years ago, the growth in the last 10 years is highest in Central India. There are more than 250 big IT companies in the city. There are about 1500 startups.

Food culture: People from India to abroad are crazy about it.

Indore is already famous in the country for its food, but in the last 15 years, branding has taken place at the international level. Many brands here were established abroad. Experts say that the export of products here has increased 3 times in 10 years. Tourists are coming to see our clean and hygiene street food stall and 56 shops.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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