Will get relief from the problem of getting stuck between vehicles coming head-on.


• Taking care of the problems of the regional people, Railways has started the work of widening the underbridge under the Indore-Dewas railway line in Singapore Township. Currently this bridge is built on a single box, which is being widened and converted into a double box. With this, commuting drivers will be able to get separate routes to pass.

At present, due to single box bridge, the vehicles coming and going are stuck face to face, because only one big vehicle can pass at a time. Due to this shortage, many times there is a long traffic jam on the underbridge and long queues of vehicles are formed on both sides.

Are going. Then the vehicles on one side have to move back to give way to the vehicles on the other side. After making the double box, this big problem will end. This work is being done by Ratlam Railway Division.

Rail overbridge in limbo

PWD has approved the project to build a rail overbridge on the railway line near Singapore Township, but its construction is currently in limbo due to obstructions. This area falls in Saver Assembly constituency and in this matter Minister Tulsi Silavat has to take a final decision after discussing with the public.

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