Earlier a hotel of 60 rooms was to be built in the third IT park, now there will be more than 100 rooms.

Two parks are already ready in the city’s IT Park located on Khandwa Road. Companies have also started work in them. Construction work for the third IT park is underway. A major change has taken place regarding the hotel. Earlier a hotel of only 50 to 60 rooms was being built here, but due to increasing demand, it is now being given a bigger structure. Many hotel groups have made offers for this to MPIDC (MP Industrial Development Corporation). MPIDC demands that the hotel should be built with more than 100 rooms, so that better facilities can be provided. Officials are now working on this plan. This matter has been discussed once at the MD level. It will be amended soon.

The land for the fourth IT park will remain behind the existing building.

The search for another land behind the current building for the fourth IT Park has been completed. There is a possibility that this will also be implemented. Actually, Industrial Corporation is still receiving offers from many IT companies. All of them are demanding plug and play, so you can just come and get your setup. The department is also earning a good annual income from the two current projects. Companies are also considering this area as convenient for themselves. According to a department official, both the plans are currently under discussion at the department level. It will be revealed soon.

Currently these companies are working in Indore IT Park

TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Impetus, Infobeans, Yash Technology, Sustengo, 43villion, Cognizant, IBM, Sysoft Global, World Play, Qualwebs, Hiteshi Technology, Codezilla, Regbank, IT Spoke Technology, Amazon, TaskAz, Billions Information Technology, Dyspark , Perspation, Mphasis, Saffron Solar, C-Net, Paytm, Surewin, Cyber ​​Futurestick, Oswal Computer & Consultant, Net-Link, Ignatize etc.

First IT Park

More than 18 IT companies and more than 2 thousand IT experts work in Crystal IT Park located on Khandwa Road. It is built on more than 7 acres.

Second IT Park

More than 40 IT companies are working in Atulya IT Park near Crystal IT Park. There are more than 2 thousand IT experts. It is built on about 2 acres.


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