Flyovers are to be built at Dewas Naka, Satyasai and Bhanwarkuan intersection, BRTS elevated corridor is to be built from LIG to Naulakha intersection.

As the project progresses on the corridor, these 10 bus stops will have to be removed.

The biggest change is going to come in the journey of Indore’s BRTS, which started in 2013. There are preparations to demolish 10 out of 21 bus stops due to four big projects in the BRTS corridor from Rajiv Gandhi Statue to Niranjanpur – Bhanwarkuan, Satyasai and Dewas Naka flyovers and LIG to Naulakha elevated corridor. This may affect those passengers who travel by bus every day.

Construction agencies claim that temporary stops will be made at all intersections during the construction period, but after a similar experiment at Bhanwarkuan intersection, the passenger number has come down from 60 thousand to 45 thousand. This number is expected to reduce to 20 thousand per day once the construction of all the remaining projects starts. In such a situation, the big question would be whether it would be useful to run a bus for so few passengers or not.

50 bus, the most successful model in Indore

Buses have been operating on the BRTS corridor built for Rs 210 crore since 2013. At present 50 buses run. The most successful model in the state in Indore. The record of maximum number of passengers traveling in one day was 67 thousand on 10 September 2019. At present around 45 thousand passengers are traveling every day. Before Bhanwarkuan bus stop became inactive, this number was around 60 thousand.

Expansion was planned in 2022

After receiving a large number of passengers, a plan has been made to extend the BRTS corridor from Rajiv Pratima to Dewas Naka intersection up to Mangliya Toll Block on one side and Rau on the other side. A survey was also conducted for this in 2022. However, this proposal could not move forward.

These bus stops will be saved

Only the stops located at Scheme 78, Shalimar Township, Vijay Nagar, MR 9, Press Complex, Holkar Science College, Vishnupuri, Mata Gujri and Rajiv Gandhi Statue will be left on the corridor. Apart from this, Palasia and Bhanwarkuan bus stops are already built outside the corridor.

Will take decision in the interest of passengers after looking at all aspects

  • Connected to all the projects of BRTS corridor. Meetings are being held with departments on this subject for a long time. , The technical committee of these projects is working with us on their design-drawings, so that there is minimum inconvenience. All construction will not happen simultaneously. Construction will be done gradually in a phased manner. Will take care of passenger facilities.

Source-Dainik Bhaskar

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