Trust in April-June 10. 700 crore in the first reality

Investment in the country’s real estate sector is increasing. In just three months between April and June, private equity (PE) investment in the real estate market increased to Rs 10,700 crore. According to the Advisory Firm Savils India, this whole amount of money in the Indian real estate sector is imposed by foreign institutional investors.


PE investment decreased by 95% to just Rs 370 crore in the Real Estate Sector during the January–March quarter. This figure was Rs 8,228 crore a year ago. At the beginning of the year, the biggest reason for the decrease in PE investment was global uncertainty. Although the economic conditions around the world are still not very good, India’s condition is constantly improving. That is why foreign investment companies have once again turned to the real estate sector of India.


PE Investment in the real estate sector is therefore important.


Real estate companies need capital. This helps to start the new project, accelerate the work of the current project, and buy the land.


PE Firms help in the risk management of the Real Estate Project. This reduces the risk for investors, developers, buyers, and everyone else.


PE investors generally invest for a long time, so companies do not absorb the capital from the project in a short period of time.


38% of the last year’s investment in 3 months


According to Savils India, in 2022, PE investments of Rs 27,975 crore were made in the real estate sector. 38% of its investment has been made in the last three months. This was replaced by the decline in January–March.


Specific areas promote


MD (Capital Markets) Diwakar Rana said, “PE will get additional support for the development of specific areas such as warehousing, logistics, and working space. PE investors are taking great interest in them.

Source – Dainik Bhaskar

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