The implementation of Indore’s master plan has always been a difficult task for the government, and now the draught of Bhopal’s master plan has been published, on which a lot of objections have been raised and many allegations have also been levelled. On the other hand, the master plan for Ujjain was declared recently. But even in that, the game of Minister Mohan Yadav and other influential people to convert the land of Simhastha Township into residential was exposed, due to which, on the instructions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the process of converting 184 hectares of land from residential to agriculture was started by the town and village investment. Is. Whereas right now it is an election year. In such a situation, if the draught of Indore’s master plan is published, then there will be allegations of playing on the ground. This is the reason why the position of a draught publication before the code of conduct does not seem possible. At the same time, the government has also decided that instead of 2035, the master plan for Indore should be prepared according to 2041. Recently, Principal Secretary Neeraj Mandloi called a review meeting regarding the master plan of Indore and other schemes in Bhopal, in which corporator Harshika Singh, CEO Authority RP Ahirwar, Joint Director Town and Country Investment SK Mudgal, Joint Director Bhopal CK Sadhav, and Deputy Secretary Dr. Subhashish Banerjee were present. It was on the basis of this meeting that Agniban disclosed that now the master plan of Indore will be prepared according to 2041, and now the action taken report of the review meeting issued by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing also clearly stated that instead of 2035, a plan should be prepared keeping 2041 as the target year. Along with this, the traffic routes should be studied, and necessary provisions should be made according to future requirements. Reorganisation according to Indore metropolitan area under Section 4, collecting information on government lands and increasing the need for warehousing and storage in the future as e-commerce is increasing continuously, and identifying non-polluting industrial use land, corporation Apart from the inclusion of other routes, including PWD and RRD, connecting all the projects of the Authority, Public Works, and NHI, both Metro corridors Up to a distance of 100 metres on one side and up to 500 metres on both sides of the Super Corridor will also be considered for being proposed in TOD, i.e., transfer-oriented development.

Source – Agniban


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