• Indore.

The land acquisition process for the Greater Ring Road to be built around the city will now start again at a rapid pace. This work had come to a standstill ever since the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections was imposed in March. Greater Ring Road Code of Conduct Road is to be done in two parts and efforts have been made to start the work on both the roads simultaneously.

Indore’s Greater Ring Road is to be built 139 kilometers long and it is said that it will be the second longest ring road in the country. The longest ring road is built in Hyderabad.

Was waiting for the election base to be removed

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has completed the tender process to build both the stretches. The agency for the construction of the Western Ring Road has been selected, while the tender for the 71 km long Eastern Ring Road is yet to be finalised. The election code of conduct will be completely lifted from June 6. After that, processes like land acquisition and selection of contractor agency to build the Eastern Ring Road will start again. Official sources said that the agency for the Eastern Ring Road will be selected by July. 640 hectares of land is required for this part and about 648 hectares of land is required for the western part.

80 percent land is required before starting work

Even if the contractor agency is selected for the Eastern and Western Ring Roads, the field work will start only when 80 percent of the land of both the projects comes to NHAI. It is expected that most of the land will be acquired in the next two-three months.

Source- Agniban

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