Will give consent to the residents before removing the obstacles.


Under the Smart City Project, the work on the important road connecting Chandrabhaga to Jawahar Marg has been completed in the first phase. However, the obstacles in the areas around the temple are yet to be removed. On the other hand, preparations are now going on for the second phase. Officials of the Smart City Project have also visited there and discussed with the residents.

A few days ago, smart city officers along with the regional MLA and councilor had visited regarding the obstacles in the first phase of the said route and an agreement was reached to remove the obstacles in the temple, but by demolishing some constructions in the rear part of the temple, the road was removed from there.

It was agreed upon to evacuate, but now problems are arising in this too, because parts of many people’s houses are becoming more vulnerable. The residents had already removed most of the obstructive parts of their houses and now when the officials again discussed about the obstructive parts, they were not agreeing. On the other hand, Smart City officials are busy brainstorming about the survey and obstruction parts for the road from near Hanuman Mandir bridge to Pagnispaga in the second phase of the road from Jawahar Marg to Chandrabhaga. Officials say that there are preparations to start work there also soon.

Source- Agniban


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